What can you concretely work on thanks to sophrology? Part 1

Getting rid of universal daily issues

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   During a care, goals’ field of application is pretty infinite, notably thanks to the sophrology tools’ flexibility. Whoever you are, whatever the problematic you want to deal with is, a protocole can be applied as far as the expected result remains realistic.

Stress, chronic pains, lack of self-confidence & other killjoys

            In practice, most of the consultations’ motives are related to a category called « daily improvement ». These motives are often troubles that could be qualified as « light », meaning that they don’t put someone in peril however they’re heavy enough to inhibit some of our capacities, potentials, initiatives or possibilities.

            In case of recurring stress, nervous condition, anxiety/panic attack, or anguish, in case of sleeping troubles, chronic difficulties, self-image disorders, a sophrology care would turn out to be a particularly accurate solution and would most of the time lead to an short-average therapy length, that is to say 6 to 8 sessions.

            These issues express differently from one person to another, but most of them are mainly universal so, easy to detect: breathing/heart discomforts, latent tiredness, mood and libido irregularities, pondering, digestive problems, sleeping troubles (falling asleep, nocturnal or early-morning inopportune waking-ups, nightmares, lack of recovery), chronic pains (for example back soreness, head or belly aches, skin burning/itching), emotivity difficulties, lack of assertiveness and a lot of others.

What to work on during sophrology sessions in case of a daily improvement goal ?

            During the sessions, we could work on dealing with emotions, getting some distance, self-confidence and self-esteem, relaxation, managing pain, controlling sleep quality, vitality and energy.

            These issues’ sources, sometimes experienced on a daily basis, are very variable : trauma, social or family environment, professional burn-out. They can be primary or secondary, endogenous or exogenous, known or unexplainable. Whether the troubles’ causes are identified or not, a sophrology care is possible, and we would not look for their origines but definitly to process some tools in order to manage their consequences.

A few exemples among possible practical cases:

  • Managing the pain related to a scoliosis, or post-accident injuries
  • Gaining self-confidence in readyness for a carrer or an academic move
  • Controlling fits of anger, or over-sensitivity
  • Getting back to full self-esteem after a divorce
  • Recovering from a depression or a breaking down
  • Moderating migraine or menstrual crisis
  • Getting rid of regular insomnias
  • Learning how to take a step back within family background
  • Being able to calm down the stress at work
  • Improving global mental focus

            When some of these issues are clearly explained by a medical condition and happen to be more intense, the goal will be classified in a different category leading to a different type of protocole (cf. the next articles « What can you concretely work on thanks to sophrology? Part 2  », « What can you concretely work on thanks to sophrology? Part 3  », « What can you concretely work on thanks to sophrology? Part 4  »).

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