Behavioural disorders

Sophrology therapy and Behavioural disorders

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Jude Sophrotherapy practice in Montpellier proposes sophrology cares for all kind of problematics.

We can offer specialised therapies such as therapies designed to help with behavioural disorders cases.

Among the numerous possible handlings in this area, you would have the occasion to work around strong emotions, phobias or addictions management among other problematics during your sophrology sessions.

The various behavioural disorders categories

The behavioural disorder or pathological behaviour designation implies a wide range of various troubles, very different and more or less incapacitating, but all of them directly impact our daily behaviours, towards ourselves or others.

Several main categories of troubles are likely to be taken in charge thanks to sophrology therapy :

  • Mood labilities, often related to emotions (anger, depression, excitement) and sometimes leading to high-risk behaviours or selfdestructive attitudes (irrational actions, risk-taking, social seclusion, substances, self-harming)
  • Phobias (animals, transportations, vertigo, crowded places, claustrophobia, fire, water, illness, phobias types are so numerous that the list can’t be exhaustive)
  • Addictions (food, tobacco, games of chance, alcohol, medications, drugs, sex, shopping)
  • OCD’s (they can manifest through reccuring actions or thoughts)
  •  Eating disorders (abuses and/or deprivations).

Again, symptoms and consequences can have important type and intensity variations from a person to another. However, most of these troubles can be influenced and caused by emotions and moods, whom variations can lead to unpleasant attitudes or actions, even unbearable or dangerous for the person herself and sometimes for her ersonal/social circle.


Sophrology therapy as a tool to counter behavioural disorders

It is very important to remind that a sophrology therapy never substitute for a medical or psychiatric follow-up, it can nevertheless give some tool in order to counter some of these noxious behaviours, to try to lower them, even to free yourself temporarily or definitively.

Sophrology therapy sessions with Jude Sophrotherapy, patient could develop his ability to manage his urges, calm down the intense emotional symptoms which prompt them, facilitate focus to deal with addiction and help along with cessation, grow will to overcome some reactions impulsivity and irrational aspect, blocking personal judgement alteration, improve self-esteem or self-confidence so that he/she can control his/her mind and body more efficientely.

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