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How to Get an Appointment and Rates at Jude Sophrotherapy’s practice

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To get an introduction session appointment, please feel free to contact us.

You can reach us directly by phone or email (you can find our contact details on this website’s Contact page).

Rates of the sessions:

You are responsable for a structure (school, company, association), the group format is for you. The introduction session is for free and a package price is defined by mutual agreement. The sessions take place in your offices with groups of 15-18 persons maximum. Please get in touch for any further information.


The packs enable an assiduous care with a global price reduction. Their amount is due after the introduction session and their time schedule are at your convenience.

Cancellation policy

If you can’t attend a scheduled session, thank you for cancelling your appointment at least 24 hours before it.  In case of no showing up without a previous 24 hours notice, the session will be due and invoiced. Thank you for your understanding.

*The children/teenagers rate applies to any person who is under 18 at the moment of the introduction session.