What can you concretely work on thanks to sophrology? Part 2

What can you concretely work on thanks to sophrology? Part 2 Getting some extra support with heavy pathologies

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          During a care, goals’ field of application is pretty unlimited, especially thanks to the flexibility of sophrology tools. Whoever you are, whatever the problematic you want to deal with is, a  protocol can be applied as far as the expected result remains realistic.

Heavy pathologies, long-term illnesses and their deep sequela

          For a few years now, sophrology practitioners observe an increasing number of consultations directly linked to the state of health. The recent introduction of sophrology therapists within medical or medicalized structures such as hospitals, retirement homes, psychiatric institutes, thermal cure centers or rest homes, highlights an obvious craving for extra help from people suffering with heavy pathologies, post-accident lesions, long-term diseases, or chronic incapacitating problems. Since a main care goal related to one of these problematics is expressed, it will be classified in the category « heavy pathologies support ».

In case of recognized clinical diagnostic, a therapy combined with the medical treatment and its monitoring are more and more seeked. Whether it’s about calming down the physical pain, helping with the scarring over, maintaining a good moral state, facilitating a return to mobility, sophrology therapy answers to necessities put forward by the patient during the first appointment. According to the seriousness, the stage and how long the illness is set up, it would most of the time lead to an average-long care length, that is to say 8 to 12 sessions.

Among the most common requests, you can find various problematics: healing body aches, overcoming handicaps, managing psychological sequela, supporting remission, dealing with medicinal or surgical treatment consequences, integrating the possible physical modifications, helping with fighting the diverse symptoms consequences, etc.

What to work on during a sophrology session in a case of a heavy pathology support goal ?

During the sessions, we could work on integrating the body scheme, unfocus from the pain, accelerating the cellular regeneration, keeping the mood and the energy stable, backing-up the vital functions, and a lot more.

In these specific cases, the difficulties are inherently medical: auto-immune and genetic syndrome, road or sport accident, neurodegenerative trouble, infectious sickness, hormonal imbalances, etc. Along this type of care, it is imperative that the patient is still followed-up by the specialist who would be the more capable of taking him in charge.

A few examples of practical cases

  • Dealing with pains and discomforts directly disease/accident-related, supporting remission when it’s possible. For example:
– Calming down the pains coming from an endometriosis, a sciatic, a hernia, a fibromyalgia

– Boosting epidermis reconstruction during a sickness involving dermatological affections (zona, eczema, psoriasis, Quinquaud or Verneuil disease)

– Supporting the inner healing for a Crohn disease or an advance-staged scleroderma

– Strengthening the immune defenses system for immunocompromised patients – Cooling down inflammations due to a polyarthritis, degenerative joint disease, myopathy

  • Improving physical and mental life quality, personal performances, overcoming handicaps along a temporary/definitive health trouble:

– Going back to autonomy after a partial or total vision loss
or prosthesis installment

– Developing the memory over an Alzheimer or Parkinson disease affections (zona, eczema, psoriasis, Quinquaud or Verneuil disease)

– Facilitating digestive functions in case of a functional colopathy

– Generating joy and enthousiasm after a schizophrenic or bipolar episode- Regaining self-esteem following a HIV or VPH contamination

– Unfocus from major auditive distortions such as tinnitus or hyperacousis

– Regaining self-esteem following a HIV or VPH contamination – Unfocus from major auditive distortions such as tinnitus or hyperacousis

  • Managing post-op or medical treatment after-effects. Like:
-Controlling post-surgical difficulties resulting from a heart bypass, pacemaker or prosthesis installment

– Managing nauseas or appetite loss due to a chemotherapy treatment disease affections (zona, eczema, psoriasis, Quinquaud or Verneuil disease)

-Adapting to a new body after an ovaries removal or an amputation, a transplant or an implant.

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