What can you concretely work on thanks to sophrology? Part 3

Feeling fully ready for a special event

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          During a care, goals’ field of application is pretty unlimited, especially thanks to the flexibility of sophrology tools. Whoever you are, whatever the problematic you want to deal with is, a protocol can be applied as far as the expected result remains realistic.

Personal or professional events: get ready for it!

         Beyond well-being and health needs, sophrology also won some spurs in another category: preparing for a special occasion. If a personal or professional event is planned, a sophrology care provides useful tools to feel ready on D-day. When a care main goal linked to these problematics is put forward, it will be classified in a category called  « mental prep ».

         When an event is about to take place, sophrology can be used as a self-development tool. Apprehending it serenely or being at the top of our capacities, getting rid of stress or developing aptitudes, sophrology will help with arriving to the event in full possession of your faculties and with stacking all the odds in your favour to experiment it successfully. Most of the time, this type of care will be short-termed, that is to say around 5 to 8 sessions. Ideally, the last session must happen one to two weeks before the event we work on.

         The necessities brought up during the introduction session are variable: evacuating the stress, acquiring assertiveness, stimulating concentration, getting rid of apprehensions, learning how to fill the space, developing body and mind abilities, anchoring into the moment, forgetting about a past failure, etc.

What to work on during sophrology sessions in case of a mental prep goal ?

         During session, we could work on increasing self-confidence, growing physical condition, installing serenity, projecting achievement and success, gaining self-esteem, and a lot more.

         Among the events frequently necessitating a mental prep: academic contest or exam, driving licence, medical intervention, child labour or welcoming an adopted kid, sport competition, professional interview, artistic performance, public speech, wedding.

A few examples of practical case:

  • Improving self-confidence in preparation for driving licence
  • Feeling ready for child labour
  • Managing anguish during pre-wedding preps
  •  Allowing ourselves to take up the space before a theatrical representation
  • Reaching full potential in anticipation of a marathon
  • Developping focus capacity to pass High School Diploma
  •  Be totally confident in preparation for a job interview
  • Taking serenely university bi-annual tests after a failure
  • Boosting calm before a MRI scan, a coloscopy or a biopsy
  • Facilitating adaptability in anticipation of an imminent home move
  • Improving muscular performances before a dance competition
  •  Approaching quietly a surgical operation
  • Stimulating brain qualities in readyness for a civil service test
  • Enhancing oral expression aptitudes before a congress or a seminary
  • Activating manual or vocal agilities to participate in a concert or an audition
  • Dealing with emotivity in anticipation of a funeral

        When some of these demands don’t fall within the scope of a scheduled and specific event, the goal will be classified in a different category (cf. the others  articles « What can you concretely work on thanks to sophrology? Part 1 »,  « What can you concretely work on thanks to sophrology? Part 2 », « What can you concretely work on thanks to sophrology? Part 4 » ).



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