How does a sophrology care work through? Part 3

1- How does a sophrology care work through? Part 3: The training

Cabinet de sophrologie Montpellier, Jude Sophrotherapy

Like many other disciplines, sophrology therapy requires a training. Between two sessions, doing the exercises which have been planned with the therapist (training program) is crucial. It’s about repeating the chosen dynamical relaxations and if possible, listen again the chosen sophronisation. Training on a daily basis helps greatly to achieve the global care objective.

Why do we have to train?

The researched conscience state in sophrology allows the subsistution of anyone’s negative perceptions by positive perceptions. During exercises, it will also stimulates conscious awarness and realization, essential to a good self-knowledge. Therefore, this a mechanic to earn and develop it necessitates training. Sophrology therapy was articulated according to several principles, laws and theories, among which one called « repetivity »: the more you do, the more you know how to do.

Sophrology’s aim is to supply a tool for the person to use it everytime she needs, even after his/her care.

In order to facilitate the training program, the sophrology therapist can explain the dynamical relaxation exercises and record the sophronisation on patient demand.

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