How does a sophrology care work through? Part 1

Sophrology : the introduction session

accompagnement de sophrologie sur Montpellier

Introduction session

The introduction session is the first meeting between the sophrology therapist and the person willing to get a full care.

During it, the patient is going to explain why he wants to have recourse to sophrology and the therapist will ask him questions, in order to collect information allowing to precise his profile, his problematics, his environment, his needs and his difficulties.

At the end of the session, the patient will formulate a realistic care objective and will also decide on a  dead-line to reach it. Then, if he wants to, he can experiment several sophrology exercises to discover the method more concretely.

After this first appointment, the sophrology therapist will be able to construct a custom-made care protocole that he will create specifically for the patient.

This protocole will contain an average number of 8 to 10 sessions (some more can be added if necessary).

Each of it will be conceive around an accurate session intention, according to the global care objective. One session will always count various dynamical relaxation and sophronisation exercises, personnalised according to the session intention (cf. the article « How does a sophrology care work through? Part 2 text-decoration : The regular sessions ».)

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