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Welcome to Jude Sophrotherapy’s Montpellier (34)

Jude Sophrotherapy, an ethical practice of sophrology in Montpellier,

With Julia Dessauvage, sophrology practitionner, RNCP* certified.

Respect of the therapeutic framework and adaptability.

Sophrology care with appointment.

Individual and group sessions in Montpellier (34),

In practice or on site,

Consultations in English or in French.

Seniors, adults, teenagers, children.


What sophrology can be used for

  • Usual daily troubles management (stress, self-confidence, depression, aches, sleep, chronic diseases, career/academic/personal move, mood management)
  • Pathological behaviors control  (addictions, phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, high-risks behaviors, eating disorders, hyperactivity disorder)
  • Mental training (competition, exams, performances, events, childbirth)
  • Heavy disease or medical treatment support (meds side effects, pain management, psychological after-effects, body changes)

Certificate RNCP

*RNCP certificate : certificate by the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (Europe level 5, French level III), edited by the Commission Nationale des Certifications Professionnelles, organism depending on the Labor Minister ; currently the only official sophrology therapist certifying title.